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bestie book annotating sticker sets

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these annotating sticker kits are designed for besties to annotate a book ✨together✨

there are endless ways to organize exactly how you and your besties want to do this, but our favourite way goes a little like this:

  1. get one or more besties to agree to annotate a book with you
  2. choose what book you’d like everyone to annotate
  3. everyone chooses what color they want to represent their annotations
  4. whoever will keep the book at the end should be the last one to read & annotate it 
  5. each bestie reads & annotated the book & then sends/gives it to the next person to do the same

this is great for:

  • gifts! your and your bestie(s) annotate someone’s favourite book & give it to them as a sweet personalized gift
  • book clubs!
  • long distance besties!

x-games mode: each bestie chooses a book and you all annotate each of them so that at the end, each person has a copy of their fave/chosen book annotated by their besties💕


when it comes to how to purchase, we recommend the first annotater order the stickers for everyone & then include the other besties’ stickers with the book when sending/giving to the next person. this ends up being the most cost-effective overall but if you and your besties prefer to order separately, we made the single bestie option to only purchase one single set at a time so that each person can place their own order and have it sent directly to them🥰


choosing your colors:

you can, of course, choose color palettes based on the book cover or each bestie’s fave color. alternatively, you can choose the colors based on the power colors for each astro sign as they directly correlate to all of our monochrome palettes - see below!

aries: red
taurus: green
gemini: yellow
cancer: silver grey
leo: orange
virgo: brown
libra: pink
scorpio: black
sagittarius: purple
capricorn: grey
aquarius: blue
pisces: seafoam green/mint


NOTE: matching annotating-approved gel pens can be purchased here (you will receive an automatic discount if a bestie annotating kit is in your cart)



  • all stickers are printed on transparent semi-matte sticker paper with the exception of the annotation keys & bookplates (opaque matte paper)
  • sheet sizes vary (see photos)


    note: we highly recommend using sticker tweezers when using our stickers given how small they are compared to most fingers! you can find them in the shop under accessories🥰

    sticker sheet quantities

    flags: 64/sheet (8/color) & comes with "color key" (8 circle stickers, 1 of each color)

    quads: 48/sheet (6/color) & comes with "color key" (8 circle stickers, 1 of each color)

    special flags: 30/sheet

    special quads: 20/sheet

    emojis: 81-101/sheet

    text: varies based on word/phrase length

    micro star/heart combo: 50/sheet - this combo is not available for sale elsewhere in the shop but you can see the full sheets of each the hearts & starshere for reference!

    for annotation key pictures - see here for reference


    can be used on most surfaces

    not waterproof

    *please note: colours may print slightly different than they are shown on screen

    sticker & sheet dimensions

    flag stickers: .25" x .40"

    quadrant stickers: .37" x .37"

    emoji stickers ~.25" x ~.25"

    text stickers: varies

    micro stars/hearts: .18" x .18"

    sheets & keys:

    book annotating sticker guide

    there is no right or wrong way to use our stickers but if you are looking for inspiration or a place to start, click the link below to see how we recommend annotating with our stickers & the color legend we use ourselves!

    sticker guide