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book annotating stickers

monochrome palette book annotating tabs

book annotating tabs

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full-color book annotating tabs in 12 monochrome palettes - can be placed in the book you're annotating, your planner, your journal, your reading log, etc.!


these color palettes correlate to the power color for each astrology sign (as below) - the naming rights to each palette were part of a giveaway we did on our instagram in july 2022.

our prestigious palette namers (aka our giveaway winners) for each palette/sign are listed below🥰


  • aries (red) "pink chaos" - kylie (@kysbookcase)
  • taurus (green) "avani" - mayra (@themysticmay)
  • gemini (yellow) "butterscotch blonde" - @kindabooked
  • cancer (silver grey) "misty sea" - anonymous
  • leo (orange) "main character energy" - @theladysparks
  • virgo (brown) - "moontide" - evangelina
  • libra (pink) "is it love or boredom? maybe it's indecision" - @_cafeconlibros_
  • scorpio (black - yes, 8 different shades of black) "bruised ego" - ariana
  • sagittarius (purple) "boundless curiosity" - niya (@little_drum96)
  • capricorn (grey) "the classics" - bailey (@b.w.hensley)
  • aquarius (blue) "watermarks" - @mangapenguin
  • pisces (seafoam green) "head in the clouds" - anonymous


"flag/quadrant combo" comes with one sheet of flags & one sheet of quadrants (pic is coming!)


more bookish palettes added weekly! have a book you'd like a custom palette for that we don't currently offer? purchase a fully custom palette here (instructions for color selection are located in the product details)


each sheet comes with a "color key" of 8 small circle stickers (1/color) that can be used for annotation keys etc.


mini quadrants coming soon!


  • 1 sheet per order
  • flags: 64 stickers per sheet, 8 per color
  • small quadrants: 48 stickers per sheet, 6 per color
  • flags and quadrants are printed on transparent semi-matte sticker paper
  • can be used on most surfaces
  • not waterproof


uses: book annotation, reading reactions, planner stickers, journal stickers, bullet journal, reading journals, page flags, book tabs


want to make your own custom color palette for flag stickers? add a custom sheet to your order here


complementary items:

  • buying multiple sticker sheets? add a binder ring to your order here to keep all your sheets attached for more convenient storage & travel
  • sticker tweezers make using small stickers way easier - you can add a pair to your order here!
  • want a convenient way to keep track of your annotation/color legend? find our writeable annotation key stickers here

book annotating sticker guide

there is no right or wrong way to use our stickers but if you are looking for inspiration or a place to start, click the link below to see how we recommend annotating with our stickers & the color legend we use ourselves!

sticker guide