meet girlinread

hi babe!

i'm taryn aka girlinread. i'll spare you the details of a long, drawn-out & romanticized story about how i started on bookstagram, how much i *desperately* love the community there, and how all of it led to you reading this blurb right now! what i will say instead is that i put off annotating my books for a long time for so many reasons, not limited to: the lack of ✨aesthetic✨, my inability to translate my Incredible Wit and Hilarious Sense of Humor into reactions without overthinking it, straight-up genuine fear, and an overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to even start.

when i started repurposing planner stickers for book annotating instead, the entire process became FUN and it was almost like scrapbooking (lmfao no pun intended😛) which made my books feel truly like my own lived-in memories.

so many folks on my bookstagram felt the same way and since gorgeous girls don't gatekeep, these stickers are now available to all of you too😘

xx taryn

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