upcoming sticker drops


hiya babes!

we are *constantly* working on new color palettes for book tabs & new sticker concepts & many of these come from requests & suggestions from our customers through instagram, tiktok or even email.

we then have our ig followers vote on which palettes we should make & drop next (follow us on ig if you'd like to vote with them & be the first to know about new palettes & new products!).


there are some exceptions to the prioritization - if a certain book or palette or product idea is requested frequently, or if a sequel to a book we already have is coming out soon, we are more likely to bump that thang up!


we try to keep to a weekly//biweekly drop schedule but our constant state of chaos means any sort of schedule is... laughable🤠 we've also been known to make & drop palettes simply bc we want to😛 (like we said.. chaos).


if there is a book tab palette you'd like that we don't have and you're impatient (dw that happens to be our middle name - we get it) - you can always order your own custom palette here (instructions for color selection are in the description)!


january 2023

  • radiant sin (dark olympus series #4)
  • these infinite threads (this woven kingdom duology #2)
  • foul lady fortune + last violent call
  • a day of fallen night (priory prequel)
  • the ruthless boys of the zodiac series
  • the shatter me series
  • the stalking jack the ripper series (stalking jack the ripper, hunting prince dracula, escaping from houdini, capturing the devil)


february 2023


march 2023

  • the blood gift (the blood gift duology #2)



request list//upcoming

book tab palettes on our list but no set date yet (to be voted on//created, no particular order):

  • the raven cycle series
  • the mortal instruments series
  • the crave series (crave, crush, covet, court, charm, cherish)
  • the outlander series
  • the dune series
  • a touch of darkness series
  • the red rising series
  • the akarne series
  • the red queen series
  • ice planet barbarians
  • the american royalty series
  • the remnant chronicles
  • the after series
  • the inheritance games series
  • the maze runner series
  • the lotr series
  • the darkest minds series
  • the bridge kingdom series
  • the scythe series
  • the bridgerton series
  • the truly devious series

  • delilah green doesn't care + astrid parker doesn't fail
  • a song of wraiths and ruin + a psalm of storms and silence
  • magic steeped in poison + a venom dark and sweet
  • in the weeds + mixed singles

  • the love hypothesis
  • down comes the night
  • you & i, rewritten
  • not the witch you wed
  • on these black sands
  • an absolute bloody disaster
  • pachinko
  • ophelia after all
  • the starless sea
  • normal people
  • ariadne
  • elektra
  • the charm offensive
  • deal with the elf king
  • instructions for dancing
  • daisy jones & the six
  • the hobbit


want to suggest/request a book tab palette or annotating sticker concept? use the form below or shoot us a DM on instagram🥰



past sticker drops:

july 19

book tab palettes:

  • the seven husbands of evelyn hugo
  • it ends with us
  • red white and royal blue
  • one last stop
  • the folk of the air trilogy (cruel prince, wicked king, queen of nothing)
  • the gilded ones series (gilded ones, merciless ones)
  • seven days in june
  • firekeeper's daughter
  • bloodmarked


july 25

book tab palettes:

  • the zodiac academy series (books 1-7 including 1.5)
  • the death of vivek oji
  • pet
  • you made a fool of death with your beauty
  • honey girl
  • felix ever after


september 9

book tab palettes:

  • monochrome palettes (red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, purple, pink, brown, silver, grey, black)
  • book lovers
  • dating dr. dil 
  • how to fake it in hollywood
  • the dark olympus series (neon gods, electric idol, wicked beauty)
  • these hollow vows + these twisted bonds


september 12

book tab palettes:

  • percy jackson & the olympians series
  • the final strife
  • the midnight bargain


september 15

book tab palettes:

  • in deeper waters
  • so this is ever after
  • vespertine
  • sorcery of thorns
  • once upon a broken heart + the ballad of never after
  • locked tomb series (gideon, harrow, nona)


september 18

book tab palettes:

  • six of crows + crooked kingdom
  • the shadow & bone series
  • the twilight series
  • cemetary boys
  • the night circus


september 22

book tab palettes:

  • the poppy war series
  • the selection series
  • the spanish love deception
  • blood scion
  • icebreaker


october 3

astrology-themed book annotating sticker kits


october 4 (delayed from september 30)

book tab palettes:

  • the summer i turned pretty series
  • the plated prisoner series
  • the atlas 6 + the atlas paradox
  • spoiler alert
  • the house in the cerulean sea