custom stickers - terms



By purchasing Custom Sticker(s) from girlinread, Customer agrees to the terms below.


Custom Sticker and Custom Order Definitions

A "Custom Sticker" is defined as any sticker that has been altered or edited to be different from what is sold at A Custom Sticker is also defined as any sticker that has been created by girlinread shop (girlinread) for a Customer. Customizations may include but are not limited to: design, color, artwork, branding, and/or layout.

A "Custom Order" is defined as an order placed with girlinread with contains Custom Sticker(s).


I. Custom Sticker Pricing

Pricing for Custom Sticker(s) will require an additional fee (Custom Premium) for the custom work required to create Custom Sticker(s) for Customer. The Custom Premium is dependent on the amount of custom work required and will be included in the price quote provided to Customer. Custom Premium includes up to three (3) material revisions and one (1) test print of each sticker type.

Customer will only pay the Custom Premium once unless future Custom Work is required for Custom Stickers already created. Therefore, any future orders of the Custom Stickers, all things remaining the same, will not require an additional Custom Premium.


II. Use of Custom Artwork & Custom Designs

Custom artwork and/or designs created for Customer by girlinread cannot be used in commercial mediums other than stickers printed by girlinread unless girlinread provides explicit consent in writing & Customer pays the associated Commercial-Use Fee.

III. Payment & Payment Terms

Payments for Custom Orders will be done online through Shopify and therefore payment methods accepted are dependent on the Shopify platform. A payment link will be provided alongside invoice. Payment terms are Due on Receipt.

Custom Premium will be due as a first instalment before associated custom work will begin. Once Customer has approved the final designs, girlinread will send the second invoice and payment link for the remainder of the order. Payment for the second invoice is required before products are made & shipped.


IV. Foreign Exchange Rate

Price quotes & invoices will be provided to Customer in Customer's local currency. Due to fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, there may be slight discrepancies between original prices quoted & final invoices. girlinread will ensure to advise Customers of any material changes to the invoice total due to changes in the foreign exchange rate.


VI. Shipping

Shipping is not included in the cost of goods. Shipping costs will be dependent on weight of order & outlined in the final invoice sent to Customer. girlinread will ship orders using Canada Post & all orders will include a tracking number that will be provided to Customer upon shipment. Any applicable customs fees will be payable by the Customer.


VI. Returns and Refunds

Since all products are made-to-order, returns of products are not offered. Please inspect all shipments immediately upon arrival. Contact girlinread at within five (5) days of receipt of damaged or defective shipments. Refunds or replacements for unsuitable products may be offered at girlinread's discretion once Customer has emailed girlinread with the appropriate details.