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book annotating stickers

'we fuq'd up' mystery sticker sets (SALE)

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sometimes, no matter what you do, stickers don't come out quite right. whether it is a slight misprint, an off-cut, off-coloring, old branding or test sheets, we tend to accumulate stickers and sticker sheets that don't quite pass our quality check but are functional and still look fab enough that we would use them ourselves!


since we have a limited supply of these, they will show as sold out if we run out of sheets - stay tuned to our instagram (@girlinread.annotating.stickers) to be the first to know when we stock up more (ie: when we fuq up enough to warrant it😉)


all the stickers included are completely functional and look good enough to sell, just not at full price.

the sticker types that may be included in these bundles are:

  • mini flag sheets
  • mini quadrant sheets
  • small quadrant sheets
  • mini emoji combo sheets
  • mini single emoji sheets
  • mini text combo sheets
  • mini single text sheets
  • holographic sheets
  • gold sheets
  • micro icon sheets
  • annotation key stickers
  • bookplate review stickers
  • and more!


details on what you can expect in a mystery bundle are below. we will do our best to include a variety of sticker types in each bundle but it is completely dependent on our supply! the ranges of stickers are due to the fact that some sheets are our regular size & some are the mini size.

we currently have a large amount of tab sheets compared to the other types so you can typically expect all bundles to have more tabs than others!


oh fuq bundle:

  • 3-6 sticker sheets chosen at random (could be any of the stickers listed above)

fuq it bundle:

  • 5-10 sticker sheets chosen at random (could be any of the stickers listed above)

no fuqs bundle:

  • 8-16 sticker sheets chosen at random (could be any of the stickers listed above)

fuq me up bundle

  • 14-28 sticker sheets chosen at random (could be any of the stickers listed above)


the "tab only" options for each bundle mean that every sticker sheet in the bundle will be either a flag or quadrant sheet.


*photos are for example purposes only - they are not necessarily the stickers/sticker sheets included in the bundle you purchase*



*please note: colours may print slightly different than they are shown on screen

sticker & sheet dimensions

stickers: varies

sheet: varies

multiple sticker sheet discounts

looking to get multiple sticker sheets? use the discount codes below when purchasing multiples. please note that discount will not be applied to orders that have already been placed

buy 4 sheets save $1: buy4get$1

buy 10 sheets get 5 off: buy10get5%

buy 20 sheets get 10% off: buy20get10%

*discount codes apply to all sticker sheets including custom*

book annotating sticker guide

there is no right or wrong way to use our stickers but if you are looking for inspiration or a place to start, click the link below to see how we recommend annotating with our stickers & the color legend we use ourselves!

sticker guide