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book annotating sticker starter kits


new to book annotating? overwhelmed what to use? not quite sure where to start when it comes to using our stickers? our annotating kits will help get you started and/or help you figure out your unique annotating style!


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    note: we highly recommend using sticker tweezers when using our stickers given how small they are compared to most fingers! we do not include them in the kit due to shipping costs/restrictions when shipping internationally but are happy to provide recos of where to get a pair if you'd like them!

    sticker sheet quantities

    flags: 64/sheet (8/color) & comes with "color key" (8 circle stickers, 1 of each color)

    quads: 48/sheet (6/color) & comes with "color key" (8 circle stickers, 1 of each color)

    special flags: 30/sheet

    special quads: 20/sheet

    emojis: 81-101/sheet

    text: varies based on word/phrase length

    micro star/heart combo: 50/sheet - this combo is not available for sale elsewhere in the shop but you can see the full sheets of each the hearts & starshere for reference!

    for annotation key pictures - see here for reference


    can be used on most surfaces

    not waterproof

    *please note: colours may print slightly different than they are shown on screen

    sticker & sheet dimensions

    flag stickers: .25" x .40"

    quadrant stickers: .37" x .37"

    emoji stickers ~.25" x ~.25"

    text stickers: varies

    micro stars/hearts: .18" x .18"

    sheets & keys:

    book annotating sticker guide

    there is no right or wrong way to use our stickers but if you are looking for inspiration or a place to start, click the link below to see how we recommend annotating with our stickers & the color legend we use ourselves!

    sticker guide