upcoming sticker drops


hiya babes!
are there tab palettes you want that you aren't able to find on our shop? first, we suggest using the search function & typing out the book title in full to ensure we don't have it. if we truly don't, see below for how you can get it in the list of tabs to be made or an alternative option if you are impatient like us!
we are *constantly* working on new color palettes for book tabs & new sticker concepts & many of these come from requests & suggestions that our customers submit through our google submission form - you can follow the link to submit your own suggestions! you may also use this form to suggest any other type of annotating sticker type you have a hankering for but note that we do not collect your info from this form so we won't be able to answer any questions left! 
we prioritize the tab palettes we make based on a variety of factors - how often it is requested, how popular the book and/or author is, when the book is released etc. we also always drop tabs for new sequels to books/series we already have available the month before their release so that you are able to order & have them in time!
every so often we have our ig followers vote on which palettes we should make & drop next (follow us on ig if you'd like to vote with them & be the first to know about new palettes & new products!).
we try to keep to a monthly drop schedule on the 1st of each month but our constant state of chaos means any sort of schedule is... laughable🤠 we've also been known to make & drop palettes simply bc we want to😛 (like we said.. chaos).
if there is a book tab palette you'd like that we don't have and you're impatient (dw that happens to be our middle name - we get it) - you can always order your own custom palette here (instructions for color selection are in the description)!
below is the current calendar for the rest of the year of planned monthly drops. this is not necessarily a hard & fast list - titles may be added later so continue to check back!

january 8

february 1

 standard tab palettes:

  • gold (plated prisoner #5) - raven kennedy
  • heartstopper #5 - alice oseman
  • this cursed light (the last finestra #2) - emily thiede
  • lore olympus #5 - rachel smythe
  • the atlas complex (atlas #3) - olivie blake
  • all this twisted glory (this woven kingdom #3) - tahereh mafi
  • midnight ruin (dark olympus #6) - katee robert
  • a reckless oath (heartless fates #2) - kaylie smith
  • the eternal ones (the gilded ones #3) - namina forna
  • a study in drowning - ava reid
  • the hurricane wars - thea guanzon
  • threads that bind - kika hatzopoulou
  • a fragile enchantment - allison saft
  • faebound - saara el-arifi
  • elements of candence duology - rebecca ross
  • divine rivals duology - rebecca ross
  • cover-matching acotar series tabs (for those who want to match even tho the covers are sad asf✨)


standard tab palettes:

  • the prisoner's throne (the stolen heir #2) - holly black
  • a tempest of tea - hafsah faizal
  • heaven offical's blessing series - MXTX
  • & more to be added shortly✨
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