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bookish stickers

annotation key sticker/bookplate

color legend

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blank color key for book annotating/flag color legend in the style of a vintage library card


can be placed in the book you're annotating, your planner, your journal, your reading log - anywhere you are using flag/quadrant stickers & want to record your meaning for each color!


example use: place sticker where you wish & place color flag/quadrant stickers in the left-hand column & write your meaning for each color in the corresponding right-hand column section.

most pens and pencils will work on the opaque stickers but we recommend sharpie pens for the transparent stickers for best result!


  • available in 1, 3, 5, and 10 packs
  • printed on opaque matte or transparent semi-matte sticker paper
  • can be used on most surfaces
  • not waterproof



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book annotating sticker guide

there is no right or wrong way to use our stickers but if you are looking for inspiration or a place to start, click the link below to see how we recommend annotating with our stickers & the color legend we use ourselves!

sticker guide