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bookish stickers

book annotating sticker advent calendars

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calendar theme
standard or bonus book add-on (new for 2023!)

complementary items

  • buying multiple sticker sheets? add a binder ring to your order here to keep all your sheets attached for more convenient storage & travel
  • since these are quite small, we highly recommend using sticker tweezers to place these. we have them in the shop here!
  • need a cute lil bag to carry all of your annotating supplies? find some sassy ones in the shop here😉
  • want a convenient way to keep track of your color key? find our writeable annotation key stickers here

tis the season for advents hunnies! our advent calendars are filled with all types of book annotating stickers, including a selection of brand new, never-before-seen sheets👀

since each advent calendar is made-to-order (ie: no two will be the same) and we want to keep things spoiler-free, what is included in each advent calendar is intentionally not shown or provided here but if you are positively DYING to know more details of what is included, feel free to email us! some general details are below!



choose from 6 different themes and 3 different lengths along with a bonus add-on option added for the 2023 holiday season:


calendar themes:

  • general: the world is your advent calendar's oyster! any and all stickers and tab palettes are free-game
  • general mini: provided as a cost-effective option (and bc they are so fkn cute) - these advent calendars will include mini sheets (2.24" x 3.08") only.
    • note: this means that there will be no full-size 8-color tab palette sheets in these advent calendars but there will be plenty of single-color flag & quad sheets!
  • romance: includes tab sticker sheets related to romance books only
  • queer: includes tab sticker sheets related to queer books only
  • young adult (ya): includes tab sticker sheets related to young adult books only
  • self-published authors: includes tab palettes for books exclusively by self-published authors. you will have the opportunity below to select genre preferences for this and we will do our best to match them!


calendar details:

 8-day calendars
12-day calendars
24-day calendars




young adult (ya)

self-published author

  • value: $82 USD
  • contains:
    • ~17 sticker sheets total
    • minimum of 5 eight-color palette tab sheets (flags/quads)
  • value: $119 USD
  • contains:
    • ~25 sticker sheets total
    • minimum of 6 eight-color palette tab sheets (flags/quads)
  • value: $246 USD
  • contains:
    • ~46 sticker sheets total
    • minimum of 9 eight-color palette tab sheets (flags/quads)
  • value: $60 USD
  • contains:
    • ~16 sticker sheets total
    • minimum of 4 single-color tab sheets (flags/quads)
  • value: $87 USD
  • contains:
    • ~23 sticker sheets total
    • minimum of 7 single-color tab sheets (flags/quads)
  • value: $166 USD
  • contains:
    • ~44 sticker sheets total
    • minimum of 14 single-color tab sheets (flags/quads)


      bonus book add-on (available for every length option):

      if you select this option for your advent calendar, your final day will include a surprise book for you to unwrap! if you choose a specific theme then the book included will align with that theme. all books included will be standalones OR the first of a series & will have been published within the last few years (ie: we won't be including random ass books you don't want to read.. we promise!!)



      each day's goodies will be sealed in a numbered envelope with a wax seal. if selected above (by checking the box), we will string all envelopes on a jute twine that can be hung up wherever you please



        book annotating sticker guide

        there is no right or wrong way to use our stickers but if you are looking for inspiration or a place to start, click the link below to see how we recommend annotating with our stickers & the color legend we use ourselves!

        sticker guide