• aesthetically-pleasing

    our stickers enhance your books instead of cluttering them - all sizes, finishes, and colors have been intentionally chosen to keep your books lookin' ca-ute asf😌

  • no pressure

    no need to worry about your pen writing ✨weird✨, the ink seeping through, or overthinking what to write

  • personalized

    we have a variety of reactions & color palettes to choose from or you can order custom sheets to embody your own distinct humor & annotating style. make your books an extension of yourself😍

  • multi-purpose

    while these stickers were made with book annotating in mind, they can be used for anything like your planners or your journals!

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click here to see what book annotating tabs we are planning to drop next - we keep a list of all the requests customers make through our google submission form & email & have our ig followers vote on the next palettes!

book annotating sticker guide

there is no right or wrong way to use our stickers (or to annotate in general!) but if you're looking for inspiration or a place to start, click the link below to see how taryn (@girlinread_) uses book annotating stickers!

sticker guide